Spandrel panels

Spandrel panels are a durable, cost-effective and simple alternative to masonry walls. All panels are manufactured at our warehouse offsite saving valuable time on site and are made to order to fit building designs.

Reduced weather disruption when installing spandrel panels as opposed to traditional brick and block gable ends which are largely affected by strong winds and wet weather conditions.

Benefits of spandrel panels

  • Cost-effective as reduces scaffold costs and time on site
  • No mortar cure times which means quicker build times
  • Manufactured to comply with Robust DetailsĀ®
  • Reduces the need to work at height and therefore improves health and safety
  • Manufactured to strict quality guidelines offsite
  • Faster installation times mean lower costs
  • They leave little or no site waste
  • Using spandrel panels can help to address the shortage of skills onsite